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Zoológico de Cali

Catalina Muller

Director Service Center

Aseo Ya!

Remy Calero


Remy Calero

CEO, AseoYa

Given our company growth spurt, communication control and management became a pain in the neck, with Wekall we could centralize our operation in 8 cities of Colombia and, better yet, it’s easy to use!

Janeth Ramirez

Gerente Financiera, Zeus Tecnologia

We required to unify all of our offices in three countries for the purpose of improving communication among our collaborators and clients, with Wekall achieved savings 56% on the average monthly cost, with an easy and utterly automatic implementation for our 150 users.

Mauricio Alvarez

CEO, Variedades Carol

We were seeking for an answer on IP Telephone to save on costs and improve customer service. Wekall’s mobile telephone allowed us saved 31% out of monthly telephone expenditure and unification of our 7 subsidiaries in just one telephone communication system.

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